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  3. g. It also lets you multitask better. You probably don't need 8 cores. There aren't many 8-core processors. 2 Cores will work well for some (mostly older) games, and will bottleneck new (and some old) AAA games
  4. g, quad-core CPUs are ideal at the moment since they are the most affordable and their performance lags behind the CPUs with higher core counts only by a split hair
  5. g. I would go with a quad core Athlon like the one I have now, or a quad (maybe even a hexacore if I had the money) core Phenom. Both the Athlon and..
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  7. g processor In this video im testing 15 games benchmarks for clarification of buying this cpu or not? Quad core Q6... Hello guys

Low-resolution screens will give you graininess, while high-resolution screens will

High-end laptops aimed at serious gamers have had quad-core processors for a few years now, but these were typically large, bulky, and carried high price tags. What's changed this year is the.. For gaming, you will need a minimum quad-core which is 4 CPU cores and eight or more for the games which are coded for higher threads. For streaming get the CPU processor with logical core and which supports GPU performance to get the best gaming experience and gaming PC configuration. You also need to understand how the number of cores.

They just won't benefit much from the extra processing power. So, for a gaming machine, you can stop at a quad-core CPU with eight threads (here again, four or six treads will be quite enough). Mid-level CPUs from both Intel and AMD have at least 6 cores, so that shouldn't be a problem The Intel Core i7-3770 Quad-Core Processor is great for both gaming and extensive computer needs. The product benefits from advanced technologies created by Intel, the leading CPU manufacturer in the world. As a result, users are treated to high clocking speeds which makes it applicable to a variety of computer needs

Compared to flagship processors with eight or more cores, contemporary quad-core Core i3 CPUs may seem too weak to handle games. If you have an older Core i3 chip with just two cores and four.. However are quad core CPUs enough for PC gaming in 2019? CPU... #quadcore #PCgaming #i5 According to the Steam survey, most PC gamers still use a Quad core CPU

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Quad-core CPU is a potential bottleneck After the tour de force of the Ryzen processor rollout last year, many had high hopes for the future Ryzen APUs. Today, AMD has finally released Ryzen parts. The quad-core flagship 1500X is currently set at $190, but if that seems attractive then you should just probably talk yourself into the six-core 1600 for another $30, especially if it's for gaming not really relevant as there are no single core processors or dual core processors with that sort of clock speed advantage. instead you're looking at a 100MHz clockspeed advantage with the highest end Core i3, which is actually not an advantage at all because Turbo Boost on the quad core i5 will allow two cores to run at 3.7GHz if you only need two cores, making it the better CPU in all scenarios So because of all that, today it feels like the quad-core CPU, with its 4 cores is our suggested minimum required core count for gaming these days, you'll get the most significant improvements in.. With six cores and six threads, the 9600(KF) falls right within the high-middle range of mainstream CPUs from Intel. Six cores has become the modern favorite for gaming, with Ryzen 5 processors adding in hyperthreading on top of their six core designs, but with lower single-core speeds. And generally, for gaming, this is more than enough

Given their tendency to heavily limit the performance of more powerful graphics cards, dual-core processors are not good for gaming in 2021. That being said, if you're not on an extremely tight budget, it is best to save up some extra money and get an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 3 processor The Fx 4300 quad-core comes with four cores, and it is 3.80 GHz Processor and can be overclocked upto 4 GHz. You can use this processor for normal tasks and gaming. The processor comes with the heatsink with thermal paste already applied. The Fx 4300 4- Cores black edition desktop processor is for normal computers and tasks

those dual core for gaming though...these days...they really arent good enough...but there is something to do with the quads definetly...in fact it's almost as good as some of the FM2 stuff from AMD...if you overclock those old quads they will almost match something like athlon 860K...they arent bad Quad-core has become the requirement for running games like GTA5 and others. Intel has released the Core i3 7350K which is a dual-core chip with HyperThreading technology. Though the performance cannot be compared to quad-core chips, it is certainly a significant improvement from the dual-core i3 It will really cause a horrible gaming experience if you want any decent graphical settings to enrich the gaming world. If you are OK with graphics on low settings to not overwhelm the CPU, then you might be OK Favorite Answer. Quad-Core = Gaming approved. Simple as that. It will be able to game no problem but do you have the RAM and Graphics Card also? A CPU is useless for gaming unless you have a sufficient Graphics Card and at least 2GB's of RAM. If you do have a G Card and 2GB of RAM then your ready to PC Game

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In the gaming world, processor performance is measured in terms of its core count and NOT about the number of sockets or CPUs it can support. Older gaming CPUs used to have two cores, but standard models today have four cores. Advanced CPUs are now sporting core counts up to 4, 8 and 16 cores such as can be seen in AMD's Ryzen series It's why we routinely point to the Core i5 unlocked CPUs as the best overall gaming processors—they're 97 percent of the performance of the Core i7 offerings, at two thirds the cost

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Stop this meme where suddenly consoles will have high cores. The CURRENT PS4 has 4+4=8 cores, so obviously console cores is not a good indication of PC gaming. Also your title says irrelevant as if you meant to say good performance in a few AAA titles programmed to work well with multiple threads means the chip is relevant It's just two sets of quad core squeezed in a chip as the little CPU is used for most of the tasks and big CPU for demanding tasks such as gaming, video editing etc Most quad core processors will be ample for gaming. I would go with a quad core Athlon like the one I have now, or a quad (maybe even a hexacore if I had the money) core Phenom. Both the Athlon and the Phenom are AMD processors, btw. TO THE ANSWER BELOW: No, having a dual core or quad core, whatever, doesn't change the processing speed

its not good for newer games like bf4 it well struggle for a fact since my brother has a intel core 2 quad 9650 3.0ghz nv760 Last edited by 46 and 2 ; Jul 29, 2014 @ 4:47pm # Your best choice for a CPU for a gaming machine right now is the Intel Core i7-2600K (high-end) or the Core i5-2500K. a quadcore gaming pc is an overkill even for most processor intensive games..

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That is not gaming CPU. Really, that isn't even CPU for office tasks - its too slow to run Excel with more or less big spreadsheet. This CPU has Jaguar architecture and not intended to be used in gaming rigs. Better buy almost any Celeron or Pentium - they will be faster. Except J (dual-core) and N (quad-core) series - they are Atom-based The standard gaming CPU nowadays are equipped with four cores which is double the core amount of older CPUs. What's more, quad-core CPUs are only bested by higher core count CPUs by a negligible margin Is a Intel Pentium Quad Core Processor N4200 good for gaming? Update: What kind of games can I play with a Intel Pentium Quad Core Processor N4200? Answer Save. 3 Answers. Relevance. geek-in-training. Lv 7. 3 years ago. It is a 1.1Ghz quad core. Most smartphones have better processors these days. 1 0. Ho Kogan This CPU gave rock hard results for gaming however it had moderate results in normal application tests. The multitasking was subpar at most with cheaper Intel competitors beating it. If you want a solid CPU purely for gaming, this is the CPU to go for. Config: Quad Core Processor; Speed:3.5GHZ base clock, 3.7GHZ with boost; TDP:65W; 3

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It is a dual-core processor but it supports Hyper-Threading (HT) and can execute 4 threads at once and can mimic a quad-core like performance in games and in multi-threaded applications and programs. The processor is very power efficient and has got TDP of only 51W The best CPU for gaming is the one that gives that expensive new graphics card you've got your eye on a chance to work to its full performance potential, but will also allow you to do more with. There is no other good option if you want the remarkable best gaming performance than you should go for the best intel processor for gaming. The intel core i5-10600 is the best among all of them. It is comparatively cheaper than $500+Core i9 the fact that it is taking a step in the gaming world is quite impressive I want to know what processor is better for gaming? AMD quad-core series or 7th gen intel core i3? Make sure that, if you're looking at AMD processors, that you're looking at Ryzen

Quad-Core processors are generally better for gaming but dual-core processors will do the job. You see, some of these newer games are optimized for quad-core processors. In these games you would get a few more Frames Per Second. You need to pick a computer with a processor that will not bottleneck the graphics card It's a good processor for gaming, but don't forget you need a good graphics card and a decent amount of RAM or you might as well forget gaming Source (s): My parents are computer engineers and I've.. I've been casually asking various hardware vendors about the need for a quad-core chip for VR gaming, and most point to DirectX 12's thirst for more cores The answer is simple: hardware. There are two main elements for a good gaming machine. One is preferably a modern quad-core Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. The other is a discrete graphics.. A quad core CPU is pretty much standard for any gaming rig, 4GB RAM is the bare minimum for gaming because windows uses 1-1.5GB RAM which doesn't leave much for the games running (games are moving away from 32bit (4GB limit) now anyway which means 8GB is pretty much required for anything serious.

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That's a good result for AMD, which uses its extra cores to beat the Core i3 chip - but it gets better. The 1300X didn't just outpace the i3-7350K, it also snuck ahead of the quad-core Core. The Xeon Processor E5620 and the Core i7-950 Quad both have 4 cores, which is not likely to be a limiting factor for gaming.. More important for gaming than the number of cores and threads is the. 2. Core number is not as important as clock speed. You should know that higher clock speeds imply quicker performance in tasks like gaming. However, more cores mean that you will be able to breeze through tasks. 3. Go for the latest update. You may feel you will be saving some money by going for an older version

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The Core i5-9400F is a little faster than the previous model - the Core i5-8400 - but it completely sheds itself of the the Intel integrated graphics. That's not a problem for games, and all in it. That's because after six years of quad-cores the industry is finally moving on and games are now clearly benefiting from more cores. That also means games can suffer from poor performance when. Octa-core vs Quad-core - Battery Life. As we all know, a processor is the largest consumer of battery resources. In the common usage scenario, you will drain your battery quickly if you are doing some resource-hungry tasks, like HD Streaming or gaming for that matter The Core i7-7700HQ is the most common processors found in gaming notebooks from the budget all the way up to the upper mid-class. It provides excellent performance and it is suitable for all kinds of work. Part of the 7th generation Kaby Lake, the Core i7-7700HQ steps in where the Core i7-6700HQ left us

In terms of gaming performance, it beats Core i5-8400 and Core i5-8500 and is as good as the Core i5-8600K and the Core i5-9600K. When paired with a good mid-range or a high-end graphics card, you will be quite amazed by the performance of Core i5-9400F and can run any latest AAA game on ultra graphics settings at 1080p and 1440p comfortably Most of the gamers know that a gaming notebook must come with Core i7 Quad Core CPU at first choice, even not a gaming notebook but a multimedia notebook should choose standard Core i5 CPU to get better performance, and never choose U series if you have any expect on CPU performance For example, a dual-core processor may support base clock speeds of 3.5 GHz for each processor while a quad-core processor may only run at 3.0 GHz. Just looking at a single core on each of them, the dual-core processor is 14 percent faster than on the quad-core

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The number of GHz doubling on the same number of cores would mean roughly twice the speed. There are a few other aspects that will push those numbers up and down, including the frequency of RAM but generally, the math holds. It gets more challenging when you factor in other cores. A 2.0 GHz 6 core CPU versus a 3.0 GHz 4 core CPU isn't a level field As for gaming, it generally requires a good dedicated video card and a quad-core Intel i7 CPU to run easily. Since the tested laptop only has the basic Intel HD 620 graphics which is integrated in the dual-core i5 CPU, gaming potential is limited Quad core is good enough for gaming. What really matters is the graphics card. If you want to play a game without that much lag, then I'd suggest the the highest graphics card you can afford. 2 2. Diana B. Lv 7. 9 years ago

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Intel Core i5-2400 3.10 GHz Quad-Core Processor at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users AMD Ryzen 5 1500X review: after the six-core highs come the quad-core lows The Ryzen 5 1500X is the scaled down mid-range partner to AMD's finest gaming chip ever, the R5 1600X Which processor is better for gaming 2.9 ghz 6-core or a 3.6 ghz 4-core My current setup has an Intel Core i7-3820 (Quad Core, 10MB Cache) Overclocked up to 4.1GHz. it has a 800 I would not hold out any hope. If you have a custom build with an asus or other high end board, then there is a good chance of the card. Intel improved its Core i3 family by arming it with four physical cores. Let's see if the unlocked Core i3-8350K can usurp the competition from AMD

The Intel Core i5-10600K is a deal-breaker for those who are thinking to make the best out of their gaming rig while being economical. The Intel Core i5 10600K isn't the fastest out there but trust me, it does better than some priced in-house alternatives, and most AMD processors in the race Check Price on Amazon. 2. HP 15-dy2021nr Laptop. The HP 15-dy1036nr is one of the best laptops for gaming in a $500 price range. It offers powerful hardware packed inside a durable and professional looking chassis that weighs just 3.7 pounds.. It comes with the newest 11th Gen quad-core Intel Core i5 processor paired with 8GB of RAM, and thanks to the integrated Intel UHD graphics, this laptop.

The Core i3 is entry level, and Core i7 processors are the more powerful hyper-threaded quad-core options. word processing, light gaming, Core i5s are good for most general purposes,. Would a quad-core 1.1GHz Intel Pentium N4200 be good enough? I wouldnt have that many heavyweight programs. The only heavyweight programs I would have would be Vivaldi (web browser) and VirtualBox (Virtualisation Software

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For gaming, quad-core is preferred because some games aren't compatible with the dual-core processor. Also, CPU intensive games won't work well with a dual-core processor. Using a dual-core processor for this will result in a bottleneck. It is good for gaming too. Core i7 is for power users An i3 Quad Core vs i5 Six Core matchup isn't as one-sided as you might think it is, especially if you aren't playing intensely multi-threaded games or streaming. For desktop usage, a modern i3 Quad Core (like the i3-8100 recommended above) will blast through any number of browsing and video watching tasks Gaming PC - Quad Core CPU - Good For Among Us/ Fortnite. Monitor Included. Condition is Used. Very Good PC! Great for Basic Gaming. Good for kids RGB fans and CPU cooler! Does not included Keyboard and Mouse Windows Will have to be activated by Buye Beyond the usual visible math, users may feel that an octa-core processor must be better or even twice as good as a quad-core processor. The time has come to dispel this myth. A square chipset has four cores while in the case of heavy activities like streaming HD movies you can turn on four cores and can jump into action so that your user experience is not disturbed Discover Intel® Core™ i7 laptop processors for gaming, and see how our 10th gen processors deliver the best frame rates on most demanding titles

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As said before, the Intel Core i5 6500 CPU is still good for gaming, video editing, photo editing and much more, so you don't need to upgrade it. But if you want more cores in your processor, you should think about upgrading to a better one. But do remember, you also need a good graphics card to play games in 4K Also, while quad-core processors remain a fine proposition for many games, there are titles out there which demand more than four cores ideally, and a good deal of gamers are looking for multi. It was the right processor at the right time - providing immense levels of single-core performance (good for old games) along with a quad-core configuration that serviced more modern titles admirably

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